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Running a case

File Relations

Below a reminder of the relation between the filetypes used by both dolfyn and its preprocessor.

The demo file(s) can be found under .\dolfyn\demo. You can also download them seperately from our Downloads page.

Unpack the *.gz files belonging to the case you wish to run, in our case:

  • demo.bnd.gz
  • demo.cel.gz
  • demo.vrt.gz

Create Geometry File

Create a geometry file using the preprocessor and the following inputs:

 Dolfyn PreProcessor
 Input casename:
 Using demo as input
 Opening vertex file
 Enter scaling factor (1.0):
 Using:    1.00000000
 Enter format of geometry file (bin|ascii):
 Dump binary geometry file

The result is the geometry input file for dolfyn demo.geo.

Editing Inputs

Optionally, the input file demo.din may be edited, with your preferred text-editor.

This file contains all control parameters, material properties, and boundary conditions for the simulation.

Run dolfyn

Now start dolfyn and select the demo case:

dolfyn demo
 This is dolfyn version 0.607
 Copyright(C) 2002-2016 Cyclone Fluid Dynamics BV
 NL-5583 XM, Waalre, The Netherlands
 . . .
 Using case: demo
 Calling dolfyn demo .dge
 demo.dge binary
 Opening geometry file
 geo versie:           608           4
 *** Warning: Geometry file of version:  0.608
 . . .
 Arrays cleaned up
 Done demo

The results are stored in demo.odx and in demo.vtk.

View Results

Finally start VisIt or another postprocessor to visualise the simulation.

Visualization of the pressure distribution in the demo object


You need to know what to do. The codes and files are ‘as is’. The software and files are there to give you an impression only without any guarantee whatsoever. Accompanying documentation is (still) unavailable.


Everything here is still under heavy development. Updates and changes are not ruled out; in matter of fact, expected.

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